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Manage your events and members on a single platform

Attract, Acquire and Retain members with a one-stop Digital platform.

SELISE Member Management & Event Tool is your all-in-one member management solution and event tool, allowing you to communicate with your members, schedule and organize all your events- be it conferences, concerts, or festivals without any hassle!

Looking for an efficient event & member management solution?


Organize the perfect events

.Use our member management tool to professionally manage your members. Plan and schedule all your events. Add or manage speakers and manually add participants. Create exclusive events for private events.


Promote your events through campaigns

.Send promotional emails to your members with our email templates to increase member engagement. Send event updates to registered participants or invited guests via the Campaign module


Pay with hassle-free, Secure Payment Options

With the integrated Twint payment system, paying for events has never been easier! Members can sign up for events and pay later with our Delayed Payment feature.


Measure the success of your Events

Get automated reports of the event participants to better understand your attendees


And other features, like:

  • Email sync and unified inbox with for multiple email addresses
  • Calendar syncing
  • Create multiple price packages for different user roles (Member, non-member)
  • Business Card Scanner
  • Whatsapp and other Social Media Integration


Organization management

Efficiently manage all organizations you have partnered with

Member and address management

Manage members and their personal information

Registration and membership management

Easy event registration and onboarding process for new members

Member dashboard and content management

View statistics and relevant content based on member preferences

Sales management

Get an overview of all sales processes, targets, and systems

Event management

Organize, schedule, and professionally manage all your events

Task management

Manage tasks relevant to all system users

Document management system

Storing and maintenance of documents of all system user

Automated marketing system

Trusted by top enterprises and supported by Microsoft


Modernize your code with our flexible fast services

Intelligent system components and functions e.g. a CRM

A greater degree of automation in standard business procedures.

Increase event participation through promotions

See real-time reports to measure the success of your events

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SELISE Member Management & Event Tool?

It is an event and member management platform developed by SELISE that allows you to manage all your events and members on a single platform.

Who can use SELISE Member Management & Event Tool?

Anyone who wants to professionally manage their events can use this platform

What integration opportunities are available for SELISE Member Management & Event Tool?

We offer a multitude of integration opportunities with our tool. To know more about the opportunities, please reach out to lara.from.selise@selise.ch

How do I get the SELISE Member Management & Event Tool mobile application?

Get in touch with us here to learn more about what we can do for you!

Can I offer discounts or promo codes?

Find out here how we can custom develop for you.

Can I sell group tickets?

We can pinpoint your specific needs. Let us guide you through to the ideal solution.

Do you offer customer support?

Our bundle offerings provide you with various options to choose from.

Can I customize the registration forms?

Registration forms can be customized to your specific business needs.

What promotional tools are offered by SELISE Member Management and Event Tool?

SELISE’s ARC offers data lake tools including campaigning features.

Can I export my member/guest list?

SELISE ARC - Data Lake Tool manages member/guest lists.

Can I use it for free events?

Platform functionalities are subject to the specific business needs of the client.

How do I get a refund for canceled events?

Platform functionalities are subject to the specific business needs of the client.

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